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Hello!  I am Lorraine Bright, a therapist in Lakewood, Colorado who assists people with integrative movements utilizing a variety of techniques to relieve pain and promote healing as well as create functional movement for everyday living.

I am trained and certified in sports, Swedish and Thai massage, neuromuscular therapy, reflexology, therapeutic touch, craniosacral therapy, and Pilates.  I regularly attend continuing education classes in movement integration, developmental patterning and pilates.

 My Story:

In 1989, the car I was driving was hit by a drunk driver.  Unable to work for two years, my job was to heal my body.  Due to my injuries, I was told I would never work again, ride a bike or hike.  I set out to prove the experts wrong and I have.  After engaging in massage and craniosacral therapy, plus doing pilates on a regular basis, I have completed numerous week-long bike tours.  I also hike, swim and recently purchased a kayak.  The kayak will be for lakes as I know my limits and won't attempt white water.

After recovering from my injuries, I completed massage school and went on to study movement re-education, developmental patterning and pilates.  As you can imagine, I have a very empathetic ear for pain and frustration with pain.  My work comes from intuition, the heart and into the hands.

Responding to question about skin care, I researched available options and chose to become an Arbonne consultant in order to assist with skin care needs.  I offer hydrating facials which allow my clients to sample the products.

"If you destroy your body....where are you going to live?"


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