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What is massage?
Massage re-educates soft tissue by utilizing techniques generally intended to reduce stress and fatique while improving circulation.  When a muscle goes into spasm, the body creates the "pain-spasm-pain cycle. One muscle becomes tight, the muscle next to it, jumps in to help, and so it goes.  Eventually, a small pain in the neck, for example, ends up causing pain in the head, down the arm etc.  As your muscles begin to release, you will experience relief and relaxation.

Before we start our session, we will discuss your areas of concern so that I can work with you to ensure they are addressed.  You will be draped at all times except for the area I am working on.

During the massage, you will experience various forms of neuromuscular re-education.  Working with your body, I will moderate pressure and push only as deep as the body will allow.  Forcing changes before the body is ready will only tear the tissue and create more problems.

When your massage session is finished, you will feel relaxed, and leave the stress behind.  Its a little like pushing the reset button.  When you return to your day, you will feel refreshed, calm, relaxed and able to think more clearly.